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  One of a Kind Items

Chippewa Brass and Aluminum Foundry can reproduce almost any part that you have out of brass, bronze or aluminum.

Here's a list of some of the items that we have reproduced:

  • Antique Car Parts
  • Boat Parts
  • Tractor Parts
  • Antique toys

We use a process called loose molding where we use your part as a pattern.  Your part is placed in sand and the two halves of the mold are packed around it.  Your part is removed and the cavity is filled with melted metal.

Quoting Your Part

To quote your part, we'll need a picture or sketch with dimensions, or the part itself.  We'll also need to know what kind of metal you want the part made from.  You can email your information to Keep in mind that brass and bronze shrink 3/16" per foot, and aluminum shrinks 1/4" per foot.  Therefore, the part we make for you will be smaller than the original.  If dimensions are critical, we can add on stock to the original part to account for shrinkage.


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